Stainihard® NC

Surface hardening of stainless steel
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Stainihard® is a unique trademark registered by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. Aalberts Surface Technologies is part of global industrial specialist Aalberts N.V. More than 14.000 people work for Aalberts in more than 50 countries.

Stainihard® NC is a process to harden the surface of (austenitic and duplex) stainless steel.

The Stainihard® process is based on the classic nitrocarboration in gas. With Stainihard® NC the surface is enriched with nitrogen and carbon with the goal of improving the mechanical properties of a product. The Stainihard® layer is a so-called expanded austenite (s-phase) zone; in this zone high compressive stresses are created. As a result; the hardness increases significantly and the tribological and fatigue properties improve. This without negatively affecting the corrosion resistance (in certain cases it even improves).
Stainihard® is successfully used in many different applications and industries.

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location Eindhoven

The Stainihard® process is carried out at our facility in Eindhoven.

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