Stainihard® NC

Surface hardening of Stainless Steel
Stainihard® NC is a process to harden the surface of (austenitic and duplex) stainless steel, without having a negative effect on its corrosion resistance. In some cases this is even improved.

The treatment is based on the classic nitro-carbonation in gas.
Stainihard® NC is a variation, which makes it possible to apply this process to stainless steel. As with other diffusion processes products can be treated as single work pieces as well as in bulk. With Stainihard® NC the surface is enriched with nitrogen and carbon to improve the mechanical properties of the product.
 Stainihard® NC is a registered trade mark of Hauck Heat Treatment BV. 



 Watch now the Stainihard movie:

Stainihard the movie

hardening Stainless steel_ Asparagus peeler"""" 


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